On the 17th April 1998 in the town of Buzsacan, to the south-west of Pochiv, something occurred that lived long in the memory of all who were there.

It was just after 7pm at the Molvarian Baked Beans factory, on the outskirts of town. Security guard Jens Lebedev was carrying out his first patrol of the evening, when he heard a noise coming from the building which housed the baked bean vats. Jens entered the building, worried that it was the same local vandals who had recently put baked beans into his thermos of coffee.

However, when Jens opened the door to the building he did not see the local vandals. Instead he saw No. 4 vat – the largest and newest of the baked bean vats – vibrating with terrifying power. Jens’s instincts kicked in and he ran for his life.

Moments later, No. 4 vat exploded.

Baked beans were scattered all over Buzsacan, with some beans being found over a kilometre away. The explosion itself was so powerful that it was felt as far away as Mitrov, nearly 40km to the north. Initial reports of multiple injuries were found to be incorrect – witnesses reported seeing people covered in blood but this was later established to be tomato sauce.

Jens survived the blast but has never eaten a baked bean again.