Molvaria has a strong and diverse economy, rich with opportunity for investment. From construction to finance, our generous tax system and favourable deregulation means that it’s an ideal location for your business to move into.

Whatever the nature of your business, we will be able to assist. Thousands of international businesses choose to be incorporated in Molvaria as a result of our high levels of financial privacy. This, coupled with some of the lowest tax rates in Europe, means that Molvaria could well be the ideal location for your company.

Aside from our booming financial sector, Molvaria is also a popular location for European companies to base their manufacturing operations. The reputation of Molvarians as hard-working is known the world over. What is less well known is the Molvarian state’s position that it should not interfere with manufacturers’ operations. This means certain practices which would fall foul of other countries’ more draconian Health and Safety legislation are absolutely fine here in Molvaria.

Our third key industry focuses on the storage and disposal of waste which some countries would class as toxic. Our cutting edge procedures, motivated workforce and lenient safety standards means we can deal with large amounts of otherwise hazardous material with ease. Molvaria is proud to say that it is the number one destination for ‘toxic’ waste in Europe and has capacity to increase its waste imports even further.