Molvaria is the perfect location for a city break or a camping excursion, with its fascinating culture and beautiful countryside.

The picturesque woodland in the north west of the country is perfect for family camping trips, which are made all the more exciting by the large number of inquisitive bears that call the woods their home.

If you prefer a bustling metropolis then our capital, Pochiv, is the place for you. Make sure you visit all the sights, such as the Molvarian Museum of Butter, a large room dedicated to the history of how man first turned milk into spreadable gold.

Getting to Molvaria couldn’t be easier. Most tourists choose to fly to neighbouring Lithuania and take the four-hour bus ride to Pochiv, however it is also possible to fly into Bulgaria and catch a ride on the daily freight train which leaves at 9am from outside the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant.

Once you have arrived at Pochiv’s municipal coach and train station, you will find yourself within walking distance of Pochiv’s three main hotels. Or, if your plan is to explore our breathtaking nature, you can ask one of our expert tour guides to drive you into the north-western woodlands – although do remember to arrange for them to come and collect you, otherwise you will spend longer in our stunning countryside than even the most zealous camper or bear-enthusiast could desire.

We hope to see you in Molvaria soon.