The Molvarian way of life is renowned the world over. However, it can be a little surprising to those visiting the country for the first time.

Molvarians are an incredibly hardworking people. The average work day in Molvaria lasts 16 hours and Molvarians wouldn’t have it any other way, with most working six days a week. Citizens shun most social and cultural activities, however the Molvarians do share one passion, aside from hardwork.

Football is Molvaria’s national pastime. Each Saturday a quarter of Molvaria’s population goes to watch a football match in the Molvarian Super League. Created in 1991, the Molvarian Super League has only ever contained two teams: Dynamo Pochiv, and their bitter rivals, Pochiv Dynamos. The rivalry is so fierce that in the past violence has occurred between Dynamo Pochiv fans, wearing their team’s red and yellow kit, and fans of Pochiv Dynamos, dressed in their team colours of yellow and red. However, in recent years this violence has largely stopped, due to multiple instances of supporters becoming confused by the kits and attacking their own fans.

No other sports are played in Molvaria, except for the traditional game of Lymebal, which is still occasionally played by communities in the north of the country. The sport involves two competitors having their legs bound to opposing trees – the trees should be between three and five metres apart. The players then take it in turns to throw limes at each other until one player is knocked unconscious or runs out of limes. Molvaria has petitioned on multiple occasions to have Lymebal added to the Olympics, however the IOC has rejected every application on the grounds that it is ‘barbaric’ and ‘stupid’.