The diplomatic crisis between Spain and Lithuania in 2009 has had hundreds of textbooks written about it. Both countries had long claimed to have the world’s best smoked sausage. However, on a warm June afternoon, a Spanish tourist visiting Vilnius was struck on the head by a freshly smoked piece of Skilandis. 

The political fallout from this incident was sudden and spectacular. The Spanish Prime Minister quickly released a statement threatening to bomb Vilnius with Chorizo. As tensions between the two nations worsened, emergency talks between Spain and Lithuania were hastily organised and kindly hosted by the Molvarian government. 

The summit was initially a success, with both leaders being photographed enjoying his counterpart’s smoked sausage. However, soon after eating the Skilandis, several members of the Spanish cohort fell violently ill, with three diplomats vomiting themselves to death. The Spanish Prime Minister blamed it on Lithuania’s ‘inferior produce’ and the diplomatic talks collapsed.

Casual observers speculated that traditional Lithuanian sausages might have been intentionally poisoned, with onlookers reporting a small drone had been seen in the kitchen. However, there was no evidence to examine as it had all been eaten.

Later that year Spain awarded several lucrative contracts that previously seemed destined for Lithuanian firms, to companies within Molvaria.