These days, the Molvarian water pipe system is operated by the state-owned Molvarian Water. However, the pipes the water runs through is an amalgamation of three different pipe systems that have been built during the country’s chequered history. Officially each new system was built because the old one had fallen into disrepair. However many believe the newer systems were built so the governments of the day could award lucrative contracts to their friends.

The three pipe systems are (in reverse chronological order):

– Modern Molvarian (1992 onwards)

– Soviet (1946 onwards)

– Old Polish (1929 onwards)

Today, the water system operates in a linear fashion. When the water leaves one city’s system it runs to the next closest city or next closest water station, unless otherwise stated. It is worth noting that the water runs through each city and water station once, except for Pochiv, which it flows through three times, and Slobodia, which it flows through twice. Not all pipes have water running through them.

The City of Mitrov was the last city in Molvaria to have running water installed. It was fitted with Modern Molvarian pipes in 1995 and was squeezed in at the start of the water system, just before the water flows through Pochiv for the first time.


Water Stations and Treatment Works

There is one water treatment works in Molvaria – the Z8 Water Treatment Plant – this is where the water pipe system begins and ends.

Once the water leaves the Z8 Water Treatment Plant, it runs along the same pipe system unless it’s moved into another pipe system via a water station. Molvaria’s water pipe system contains three such water stations:

Water Station 149 – Transfers from Modern Molvarian pipes to Soviet pipes

Water Station 452* – Transfers pipes as follow: Old Polish pipes in/Modern Molvarian pipes out — Modern Molvarian pipes in/Soviet pipes out — Soviet pipes in/Old Polish pipes out.

Water Station 791 – Transfers from Pochiv to Dubravkov – simultaneously changes the system from Modern Molvarian pipes to Old Polish pipes.

*This water station is unique, it runs water back into the city of Slobodia rather than to another city.