One of the most famous moments in the Republic of Molvaria’s short life occurred in 1994.

Viktor Gorblinski (66) was the newly appointed Molvarian Minister for Foreign Affairs. He was one of the most famous members of the Molvarian independence movement and was deeply proud of his new role in government. One of his first jobs as Minister for Foreign Affairs was taking charge  of the new Molvarian flag ahead of its grand unveiling in front of tens of thousands of proud Molvarians. The flag was delivered to the Ministry in Pochiv on the morning of the ceremony and Gorblinski stored it in the bottom draw of his desk. He and the two soldiers who delivered the flag inspected it upon its arrival and did not notice anything unusual about it.

Between the flag being delivered and the unveiling, Gorblinski had five appointments with different foreign dignitaries, each taking place in his office. No one else was able to enter the office without being seen by Gorblinski’s secretary Rita, a local girl who had been in the job for two months. There was at least one point during each meeting where he left his visitor alone in his office.

At the grand unveiling ceremony, the curtain was drawn back on the new flag to reveal the words ‘MOLVARIA IS CORRUPT’ written in Molvarian across its centre. While it is rumoured that the Molvarian secret service knew which enemy of the government was responsible for defacing the flag, no one was ever officially arrested. Gorblinski had to resign the next day and spent the rest of his life living with the shame of having embarrassed his great country.