Spam (2)

Hello Big Boy!!!
From: <>
To: Leonid Makova <>

Wow! You look big! Very big! The biggest I’ve ever seen!

Therefore you need to buy my diet pills.

My pills have quick results and will make you less big because you are much too big.
My pills are also very cheap – just 74900MVD for 20 pills. You will be less big in no tiem.

Reply to this email with your bank details and I will send them to you strait away.


I’m Okay
From: Claire Makova <>
To: Leonid Makova <>

Hi Dad,

I just wanted to let you know that I’m fine, don’t want you worrying.

Still don’t think I can tell you where I’m hiding, but I can’t wait to see you once this madness is all over. I hope you understand

I love you.

Claire xxx

P.S. hope this hasn’t gone into spam again