In 2003, the Molvarian military launched an operation to hack the computers of the Lithuanian Military. This was an act of retaliation, after the Lithuanian military refused to return a Molvarian pig named Freckles, which had (assumedly accidentally) crossed the border into Lithuania.

The Molvarian military’s plan was to make the hack look like the work of a criminal gang. They successfully managed to steal a significant number of Lithuanian state secrets, with the intention of holding them to ransom. However, the plot failed when instead of, as instructed by their superior officer, demanding $1 million, the Molvarian computer scientists ordered the Lithuanians to return Freckles the pig.

The Lithuanians immediately realised Molvaria was the source of the hack and were able to thwart it by cutting the only data cable that ran between the two countries. To make matters worse, Lithuania then publicly revealed Molvaria’s failed hacking plan, causing great national embarrassment.

Several weeks later, Freckles was repatriated to Molvaria after being swapped for a Lithuanian farmer who had been captured by Molvarian troops after she crossed the border to sell some eggs.